…to Kaasa Solution GmbH.

Since Tolkin’s “Lord of the Rings” you should know – the world is changing.
A maintenance man becomes “Facility Manager”, a barber is a “hair stylist” and a computer nerd becomes the “Worlddominationbrochurenewversionprogrammer” of the future.

To change the future you have to know it as well. You need to deal with problems that others do not know about yet.

To SEE WHAT‘S NEXT is the mission statement and our daily standard for all new ideas and projects. It is hard work for us but a bigger pleasure for our customers and fans.

Transform problems into fun.

Day to day our employees from the programming, art direction, text, concept and management team fight for the best and creative solutions. Be it a game idea or a mission for a partner. The more we are the better we can help you in the future.

Under the label “Kaasa Games” we have decided to rename ourselves – from problem solvers to fun producers.

What can we do for you ? We are looking forward to get to know you better.

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